Bagaimana mengkonfigurasi PLC Siemens S7-1200 dan S7-1500 di TIA Portal

Bagaimana memulai menkonfigurasi PLC Siemens dengan TIA Portal, sebenarnya caranya mirip menggunakan simatic manager

1. Open the PLC Siemens project in the TIA Portal software.

2. Select the PLC from the project tree and open the PLC Properties.

konfigure s71200 fig 1

3. In the General tab, select Protection, make sure that Full access (no protection) is selected.

konfigure s71200 fig 2

4. Then scroll down the page and check Permit access with PUT/GET communication from remote partner.

konfigure s71200 fig 3

NOTE: If variables are defined into “Program blocks”, DB must configured as “Not optimized”.
To check or change DB optimization, enter DB Properties:

konfigure s71200 fig 4

Then into General > Attributes uncheck “Optimized block access” as below:

konfigure s71200 fig 5

If checkbox “optimized block access” is not available (grayed out) could depends if DB is an “instance DB” linked to an “optimized access FB”.
Now, compiling the project, tags offsets will showed near variable name.







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