PLC / HMI Schneider Training : 

Software : Unity Pro Programming 

Hardware : M340 PLC 


Course Description

This course aims to provide knowledge to develop and/or expand a PLC operated plant. Knowledge of Hardware, Software and Communications is covered. Delegates will then be able to maintain, develop or initiate a PLC project using Unity on a Quantum/M340/Premium PLC.



Three-day course with lunch provided



Project/Design/Plant personnel who maintain, develop or install Quantum/M340/Premium hardware including writing logic, commissioning and documenting



  • Some knowledge of PLC and/or Unity is an advantage
  • Knowledge of PCs and Microsoft Windows is essential


Course Outline

Day #1

Detailed overview of the Unity package including an understanding of the IEC 1131 standard. Quantum and M340 and Premium hardware is covered as well as the configuration of a PLC for a Unity project. Fundamentals of Automation Control:

  • PLC Hardware to be used on this course,
  • Boolean Logic
  • Online download and upload program
  • Library management

Day #2

Unity programming languages are introduced with a brief look with Ladder Logic programming (timer, counter, comparison, convert, calculation, and function block)

Day #3

Continues with Unity programming languages with sample and exercise. Day Three continue with analog signal implementation and PID control application



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