HMI Schneider Magelis HMISTU855 5.7"

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Magelis STU 3.5″ and 5.7″ Colour Touch Screen Graphic Terminal

Thanks to its “pushbutton” style mounting system, Magelis STU fits anywhere on machines or enclosures. In addition to the standard RJ45 serial link, the Magelis STU also features an embedded Ethernet connection for quicker, more extensive communication (via Modbus TCP, Ethernet IP and Profinet protocols for example) offering more services (such as Web Gate and e-mail).

High definition colour screen TFT QVGA 3.5’’
3.5″ QVGA resolution, 65K colours, touch screen graphic terminal, configured by Vijeo Designer
Resolution: 200 x 80 pixels
Tool-free installation: – 22 diameter standard “pushbutton” mounting system which eliminates the enclosure cut-out
No batteries required, backlit by an LED
Removable power connector
USB memory stick for application downloads
Remote control with the Web Gate function

Schneider Electric Magelis STO-STU

The new Magelis STO and STU boost the Magelis Small Panels range: more flexibility, more communication, easy and fast revolutionary mounting system. Powered by Vijeo Designer, they bring a cost-effective solution, especially to the machine builders.


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